July 5, 2013

I posted that “statement” I shared with you in the last post on Facebook and someone replied.

A TV Exec.  Different than the one I have spoken about in post posts.

Here’s the conversation:

  • HIM — I wonder what world you love in. Truly.if you could walk in another’s shoes for one day…
    ME — I live in an awakened world. The more you heal yourself and the unconscious thought patterns that have been passed down to you from generation to generation to generation, you see the world with new eyes. A totally different perspective – and you become empowered, rather than stuck in victim mentality.
    HIM — You would have never ha the opportunity to ever experience anything close to what a Trayvon Martin does on a daily basis. Whether there is evidence or not it’s pretty apartment that a boy is dead regardless of the cause because of racial profiling.
    ME — I’m sorry, I can’t get into this with you. Been dealing with it all day and I’m tired and need to take care of myself. You are welcome to view my videos on the subject to see another perspective. If not, that’s fine too. Good night.
    HIM — Oh and do you tell women in abusive relationships to get off their victim’s mentality?
    ME — Um, actually I do. I empower people – been doing it for years.
    And that’s all I needed to hear.  This is about empowerment — and that’s a magic word to my ears.  That’s what this is about.  Okay, thank you.  I get it now.
    I’m sure more will be revealed the more I process… Thank you.