June 26, 2013

And I almost didn’t notice it yesterday as a NEW DOOR.

But it didn’t take long — and I did ūüôā

Here’s the deal…

I sent the email to the TV exec yesterday to follow up on our call. ¬†I didn’t know what to do after then and I went into my usual boredom type of thing for the day. ¬†Resting too…

But again, the realization of how these days I spend my time focused on TV — and landing a deal, creating a deal — and how all my energy is on that. ¬†Kind of like, just waiting for ideas to come to me, and waiting on emails and phone calls to arrive.

I was thinking it was quite pathetic — and again, boring — yesterday. ¬†Totally bored. ¬†Wanting to do MORE.

So I was thinking about how I work all the time and my life is centered around work now and what would I like to be doing in the evenings…

And then this email came through.

From one of my LinkedIn contacts who works in TV. ¬†One of the main stations in NYC. ¬†(I won’t say which one right now…)

And he was putting it out there, asking if anyone wanted to get more press and he’d help them.

The email made me laugh.  What was he selling?  What was he up to.

So I wrote him a joking email back — that “okay, I bite — but what’s the catch”

Just writing this email made me feel good.

Writing it to “my” people. ¬†It’s times like these that I really miss my NY’ers. ¬†We all have attitudes and we communicate real straight and to the point with one another, in a joking manner. ¬†At least that’s my experience of being up there. ¬†Sarcasm. ¬†And I love it.

So he wrote that there was no catch, not really — he was just sending out an email about a PR firm he’s used. ¬†Something like that.

Then he said, what ideas did I have about working together. ¬†Something like that. ¬†That he’s open to collaboration. ¬†Again, I’m very loosely paraphrasing.

So I wrote him what I do — asked what he does. ¬†I think he’s a reporter, although I’m not sure if he’s on air or not…

And I’m waiting for an email back from him today. ¬†I’m assuming he’ll write back today. ¬†Expecting it…

But this is not the point.  The point is, this whole new dream was sparked.

A whole new thought.

And of course I know Spirit did this for a reason ūüôā

And here’s the deal.. what I started thinking about….

“Blaire, here’s a new door that just opened…. what if your show was on one of the MAIN networks. What if this guy can pitch it to them… he works there, he must have contacts in programming”

And then the thoughts went on…

But here’s the deal. ¬†I NEVER thought about being on one of the main stations.

I was always thinking about a cable network.

But imagine that (and I have been all night, even though when he wrote me it was 7PM already) — imagine if I was on one of the main networks. ¬†EVERYONE watches those stations.


…. so needless to say, this idea was TOO big for me yesterday and I couldn’t even picture it. ¬†Couldn’t even think of what shows are on these main stations… and I just let it be. ¬†Even though I kept on trying to think of it… I was totally blocked from envisioning it.

That’s until today…. ¬†(see next post)