May 8, 2013

Since I started adding this artistic side to my business, I’ve noticed some thoughts come up.

That it’s pathetic.

That it says I’m not busy.

Who will be able to make a living being an artist?  Selling artwork?

Crappy signs.

I can’t be serious.

This is a real downsize.  What happened to Love Guru business?  Did she abandon that?  It must not be doing well.

I think most of those thoughts are thoughts I’ve adopted from my mom.  Harsh criticizing and judging.  Making assumptions.

When I saw someone I know through Facebook work more on her artwork than on her psychic business, I thought something was wrong.  That her psychic business wasn’t providing for her.  A change of course.  Like she was giving up, or something.  Taking a smaller role in society.

Really strange thoughts, right?

I have been working on changing these thoughts.

Telling myself the truth to the situation – this is actually an expansion of myself and my brand.  I’m now offering my manifestation mobiles.  There’s more to me now.

I’ve actually just thought of another psychic – this one I really admire and think she has a happening business and she offers different artwork, jewelry to compliment what she teaches, etc.

This is an expansion.

I have to change that thought of “i’m wasting time” when I do my artwork in order to sell it.

This is legitimate.  This is what I want to do.  This is a conscious choice of what’s in my heart.

I need to focus on that.  That’s the truth.