Learn What’s REALLY Going on in the World

Maybe you don’t understand what’s really going on in the world.

Maybe you know bits and pieces.

But are confused.

Or not sure how everything connects.

Or maybe you are questioning the source where you got your information (who the hell trusts anyone who works in the media or the government anymore anyway?)


There’s a lot of misinformation and disinformation out there.

This is all done on purpose to confuse the population so they get trapped in confusion or stuck in a loop that goes no where.

I’ve seen a lot of people confused about a lot of things…

Mostly about politics.

And about covid and the vaccine.

And this is by people who claim they’re awake.

Or those who say they’ve taken a few dives down the rabbit hole.

Are you one of them?

• Do you still believe that politics are real?

• Do you still vote and think it makes a difference?

• Do you think the Democrats are the ones to blame?

• Do you think that Trump is not one of “them” and that he’s a good guy?

• Do you still think covid is from China?

• Do you still think covid is real?

• Did you take the vaccine cause you thought covid was a bioweapon, when in fact, the vaccine is the bioweapon?

Be honest… go through the list.

Do you believe in any of the things I stated above?

And again, if you believe any of the statements above?

If so, it’s okay.

You’re also wrong.

Just know you’ve fallen for one of the disinformation campaigns.

Because there’s A LOT of disinfo out there!

And we’ve all fallen for quite a few of them!

But it’s really no big deal, because there’s levels to this awakening process.

And no one has all the answers as to what is going on here on Earth!

We’ve all been lied to our WHOLE LIVES!

So let’s get you cleaned up and straightened out.

Let’s get you aligned with the truth.

Start Learning By Reading Truth News

This is a video I made before the vaccine was available.

Back in the day, I too, thought covid was real, but I have since learned more information and awakened to more truth.

It happens for everyone in their own time and it’s a journey that never ends. There’s always more layers of truth to uncover.

In this video, I also share teachings about how the new world order works.

Tune in and see what you learn.

“They’re Going to Make You Beg for the Vaccine”

Recorded May 2021

(3 minutes)

Start Learning by Reading Truth News

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