June 28, 2013

I find myself fascinated with the Zimmerman Trial today.  It’s Day 4 of the Trial for the Trayvon Martin Death and I am going to be glued to my computer.

Thankfully ABC News is live streaming.

Now, this could look like goofing off.  I do feel that rolling around in me, but I have to trust that something will be revealed here.

I woke up feeling passionate and happy to be alive.  Singing a new song (a new song came to me) about receiving great prosperity and wonderful abundance right now.

I was singing and dancing while walking Magic this morning.

And while that adventure I noticed for the first time since living down here A SLUG.

I was so taken aback by seeing it, I was a bit confused as to what it was.  I had to touch it.  Hehe.

Yep.  A slug.

Definitely a message.

Here you go…. my thought is that I am still grounding this energy, letting go, and taking time to rest.  If nothing else, the Zimmerman trial today will be rest (and fun) for me.

I also think it’s important what it says about paying attention to my perceptions and senses as that’s what I’ve been doing these days hardcore, as well as with my dreams…. although some still don’t make much sense.

Slug teaches to smoothly move in your surroundings. He shows the art of pacing oneself and focusing on the goal along with determination, strength and persistence. He shows how to move in a slow and steady pace by grounding in attitudes and principles all the while taking small steps toward the goal. Slug teaches the power of letting go of what is not needed. Letting go of harmful thoughts, ideals and emotions, this is how to move forward! It is time to “leave it behind.” He also teaches navigational abilities and agility in the dark, unknown and all that is hidden with confidence. Heightened sensitivity to vibrations, the ability to see with clarity and the tactics of reservation and withdrawal when needed. Slug will show when to move and times to rest. There is great power in this timing. Pay attention to your perceptions’s and senses along with your dreams for they will aid you in the direction you should be going. Slow down and enjoy the moment.