July 1, 2013

I decided to go to sleep early last night so I could wake up early to do work and then watch the Zimmerman trial.

Well I did just that.

Got up at 6 (set alarm for 5 but just couldn’t do it) — and was ready to do work.

Set myself up, but just couldn’t do it.

My heart wasn’t into it — and I got an idea to make a video about the Zimmerman trial.

About the Black Collective Wound of Victimization in the US

It was a bit hard for me to understand it, but I’ll get better….

And then I was inspired to do another video.

And then it ended up being time for trial.

So this is what I’m doing again…. commentary on current events.

I prayed so hard for protection before I released the Black Collective Wound video, in fear of sparking people.

There’s this desire to get the word out, to help in the awakening and healing of society, but the huge fear of being hunted down and hurt.  Targeted.

Could be past life stuff.  Definitely.

Fear of speaking up.

Again, I’m real controversial.

And the second video is another one of my passionate “attacks” (?) against the media and how I’m upset about how they sensationalize crime cases and news.

Oh man.  How will I get a tv job if I am always having something to say about the media?

Oh gosh.

Not sure where this is taking me.. but I pray that Spirit guides me and protects me.  I hope it’s somewhere good.

Here are the videos


PS – Baby black snake crossed my path last night… and now this.  Wow.  Wondering where this is taking me.