May 12, 2013

So lately I’ve been noticing all these internet / YouTube personalities.  I never knew of all these people.  Never knew of the business that is happening on YouTube.  I wonder how much these people make… I read that this Jenna Marbles makes 1/2 a million dollars.  That’s not confirmed but it’s what it said in her NY Times article.

So this week I’ve been in this non-structured thought / conversation with them about making money on Youtube.. on how you have to build that up.. how I don’t want to teach for free until you do build that up, etc.

And the main thing that came through was that I really want to work with people on my projects.

When you are doing something on YouTube you are on your own.

Now some people may like this.  Jenna Marbles was talking about how she likes this creative control – but I’m at a point that I desire to brainstorm and work with and have fun with other people on the projects I create.  You get others feedback.  You get their energy.  It feels more professional to me. Plus it feels more legit — and to me, it feels like I’ve made it if I’m on network TV.  That’s just my deal… but I wanted to share with you my thoughts on that… since I am documenting my journey here, sharing it all with you guys, I wanted to share that conversation that has been floating in my head for a week now.