May 6, 2013

I was driving in my car today — which was total time 1 hour and I must say as I was thinking of this topic… about being an artist and selling my artwork.. and moving out to LA to be a star, etc… if selling the art was a good idea or not… if I’d make money doing it or not, etc… and where my career was going…. I saw 777 two or three times.

Saw 999

Saw 333 on a license plate!

and 444  and 4444 (mean the same thing) — angels surrounding you.

Awesome.  Really awesome.

I said, am I leaving Love Guru behind?  What’s going on with this artwork?  Why are you having me do it and why are you having me sell it?

And Spirit said, you’re not abandoning the Love Guru – you’re expanding.

Oh… really?

That’s cool.

What does that mean?

Will I sell my artwork at workshops I do?

No answer.

Will I sell my artwork from stage?

How will I keep up with producing everything if I’m busy with my Love Guru career?

Again, no answer.

Okay, so not for me to know right now.

I will just take one step after the next to see what’s in store….

Cool.  Interesting.

I hope it brings money.

Oh g-d, here we go again…

I need to stop that.  Of course it will.  Of course it’ll bring money!  All my projects bring money.

I really need to watch these comments.  Spirit brings me messages about this — warnings — wisdom every day that I need to apply and be stricter with myself to re-write these limiting beliefs.

I’m going to have to do more of my tools to actively turn this around.  Support myself.