November 3, 2012

So part of this adventure of re-claiming your personal power you will feel the best you have ever felt in your life.  Hands down The Best You Have Ever Felt.

You feel alive with adrenaline.

You feel alive with excitement.

Alive with passion.

You know as being an angel here on Earth that now your wings are fully spread that you are FLYING.

It feels fantastic.  You feel alive for maybe the first time.  Not the adrenaline rush that comes from doing an activity… going on a rollercoaster… running a race… kicking someone’s ass (hehe, I know we’re not violent people on this blog, that’s why it’s funny that I wrote that)… or jumping out of a plane with a parachute.

It’s a feeling of aliveness that comes when you are feeling fully in your body.  Fully in your power.

It’s power that is coming from YOU.


So you will feel all these great feelings.

But I must tell you that you may also swing the other at times through this transition.  I know I have!

Doing something new, like standing in your power, is as I just said… new.

So that old part of you has to transition out.

You need to give it time to leave you.

And while that is happening, those old parts of you will come up.

Fear that you are going to get hurt by doing something “mean” to someone.. which is really not mean, it’s just standing up for yourself.

Worry and anxiety that something may happen to you… again, for asserting yourself and standing in your power.

I also believe this has to do with past life stuff.  I have been studying about Atlantis and I see how all this guilt and fear is related to the role we played in the destruction of Atlantis as well.

So it’s past life stuff.

I share this with you, because if (more like, WHEN) you feel this guilt and fear, just let it be.  Journal about it.  Be compassionate with yourself.  Go walk in nature.  Pray and meditate.  Relax.

It’s just the old you dying off and the new you integrating.

That is of course if you let it.

Of course you could go back to your “old” way of being, which is playing it small, hiding, ducking, shutting up, not saying anything, or altering what you say…. but why would you?  Simply don’t.

Just ask that the guilt and fear be released.

You are safe.  Nothing is going to hurt you.

You have finally re-claimed all of you.

It’s a time to rejoice.  Let the fear and guilt go. Give it time to be released.  Be patient and compassionate while the new you integrates.  The other feelings will leave with time…..

Bless you.