February 19, 2014

Something I am healing from right now is the thoughts I’ve been noticing about me being a lone wolf, all by myself and no supporters.

This is not good thinking.  It’s also not true.

So I’m healing through it.

When I tap into it when I’m taking my walks I feel a huge connection to the GREATS.  The Ascended Masters.  Other warriors.  I walk with the MASTERS.

I’ve felt this for a few months now — but there is also support in the physical and I have been asking Spirit to connect me with more warriors in real life.

To see the support I have.

And to feel protected and powerful with them by my side too.

To connect me with other warriors — activists — as these are my friends.

To not focus so much on the people — other warriors — I am helping come up — but to focus on those who are on the same path as me — or ahead of me — those who have arrived.

To draw on their strength.

Their love.

Their support.

Those are my people.