April 6, 2013

So let me pause in the story right now and make sure you are seeing what I’m doing.

1 — Dressing up, feeling good, dressing the part that I feel I would dress when I am the BIGGER me.  More luxurious, more successful, more proud of myself and my gifts.  More fully actualized.

2 — I kept asking Spirit for help — to guide me.

3 — I kept looking for signs.

4 — I kept listening.  Asking and then LISTENING.  Many of us ask but we don’t stop to LISTEN.

5 — I kept my energy high.  Out of worries.  When they came up I reminded myself I am just exploring, having an adventure.  Seeing what’s out there.  PLAYING.

6 — I was holding the energy of what I wanted to manifest.  Holding the vision.  Not poo-poo’ing it.  Not doubting myself.  Leaving the details up to Spirit.

7 — Doing my part.  I put a $10 bill in my car.  That way if that happens, with me losing or forgetting my money at least I have $10 in my car to fill up with gas if I need it.

I am getting a new GPS.

I am checking on AAA to make sure the membership is still valid.  If it’s not, I may join myself.

8 — I am doing my part.  This is important to repeat.  Spirit is preparing me.  I do my part, they do there’s.  I looked for places.  I set my sights of what I wanted.  I kept my energy high.  I held the high energy and I am doing what Spirit is telling me in the physical realm what to do — GPS, AAA membership, and you’ll see there’s more that I get in these next steps of what to do.

I’m actually quite busy.

9— I’m getting ready to manifest it.  These are steps to take.  I am doing them.  I am not continuing to sit in my apartment and daydream.  I am EXPECTING to live there.  We’ll get to this.

Let’s move on…