May 4, 2013

Today went by so fast.  I was so busy.  Too much time on the internet researching art projects to do — but the good news is that I will start doing them tomorrow.  I’m so excited!

Plus I cooked a beautiful meal – tried out something I’ve never done before — and I’ll be cooking again tomorrow. Man, I am starting to love my weekends.  I’m so creative and busy during them — compare that to just a month and I was too tired to be doing anything on weekends.  That was a trend for many months.

I feel fresh, new — and I am!!

So today I went to take photos of these Love Guru Manifestation Signs I made awhile ago — that I wanted my mom’s help in photographing, as I needed someone to hold the signs (her) while I photographed them… but this was another situation where our schedules never lined up, and again, another incident where I didn’t think she really cared about what was important to me.  Oh well, who cares.

Moving on — and today I did.

I had the box sitting around my apartment and decided to go around my neighborhood, find a tree and take pictures of them hanging in the tree.  Figured that would look good — and it did.

I took a bunch of photos and then kept getting the urge to go to this other area to take the photos again.  And funny enough – and amazing enough, there was this twisty tie hanging in the tree (who knows why it was there?  really quite strange… maybe it was holding on the tree an orchid?  I really don’t know) — in any event, I started hanging my signs on the tree and they looked great – much better than how I was originally doing it.

And then I heard…

“You see, we’ve got you covered”

Ahh, it was my guides.  Telling me that not only were they helping me with my Love Guru signs, but this was a sign having to do with my finances and career.

That’s comforting.

And I need to stay in this trust and faith.

Closely watching my thoughts…. more on this in the next post.