March 3, 2013

My accountant is a nice guy.  He sends me emails and talks to me on the phone.  But here’s the deal, I send an email asking questions — and then he calls me and I have to repeat those questions.

This annoys the shit out of me.  Just reply back with the answer.

But something about email I don’t think he totally gets.  We’ll go rounds with the same questions and still no reply… until he calls me.

Again, it annoys me.

And this was recently happening with a vendor I am working with.

I’ve asked for them to fix something about a listing I have several times, yet it still remains the same.  Again, this annoys the shit out of me.  I have sent SEVERAL EMAILS and still no change.

What’s the deal.

And this got me thinking.  I no longer want to be on the phone with this one or that one if I sent an email.  I am so used to obliging other people.  He wants to be on the phone, so I go on the phone.

Or with this other person, they aren’t getting it, so I would have to call them…

But I don’t want to.

Let people start molding around me.

Now I don’t want pushovers, cause I’ve dealt with a lot of those people.

But I also don’t want to do things just because it makes others happy — and annoys the shit out of me, or restrains me or whatever.

This is related to that post I did a few days ago about Jennifer Lawrence and her press interview.  She was herself.  Raw and funny or whatever you think she is.  But she was herself and the press MOLDED around her.  We MOLDED around her.

Whereas again, I would be quiet or reserved and I don’t want to be like that anymore.

I want people to see my personality — get me — let me be raw and free — and let people mold around me.