May 10, 2013

First off I’ll say that I’m really proud of myself for keeping my high vibration most, if not all day.

Really productive and thinking really good thoughts.  Really wonderful!

I’m feeling I’m mastering it – ABUNDANT MINDSET!  NICE!

So you hear a lot of Entrepreneurs say that they were down to their last bit of money and that they really had to get serious and kick it into high gear.

Well, now this is me.

Every day — my prosperity relies on it.

I was in the food store, conscious of what I was purchasing for the first time ever — but even though I was in that state, I was noticing the abundance all around me and very grateful.  No stinkin’ thinkin’

It was wonderful.

As I was thinking (for a brief moment) that amazing how I was making more money in my career than I ever was to now this.  (Even my beach gathering students haven’t been signing up — I’m totally going through changes and upleveling these days… clearing out, making way for the new… Spirit was doing this for me of course)

Well as I was thinking that, I said to Spirit – I feel like I’m being punished.  (Meaning having to watch what I purchase)

And they said, you’re not being punished you’re just learning.


And it’s so true!

I am learning to source, to trust, to lean on THEM.

Rather than another person… be it my family, a student/client, or my ex for money.

That is WRONG sourcing.

Money doesn’t come from people.  (Although at times it does come through them) — It comes from G-d.  From Spirit.

That makes me happy.

I am in full trust and at peace.

(I hope this works)  haha!  j/k… well kind of 🙂

Not letting my thoughts go there… high vibration.  Appreciation and noticing abundance all around.  We really are blessed.