April 8, 2013

I do want to say that I’m grateful for all this stuff happening with this student, in case that gratitude has not come across from previous posts.  I am happy and of course it is all in divine plan.

This person has acted as one of my teachers.  I think we all act as students and teachers for one another, but I’m giving a special shout out to this person, as this is a landmark for me.

(Interestingly enough, they were talking about how they are at a milestone in their life too from the work we’ve done together)

Well, same deal here for the Teach.  I am at a milestone.

Attracting students who really want it.

Done with trying to convince people that they should move past their pain or whatever.  Some people are happy there.

This student says they want to continue, but money is an issue.

Money is never an issue.  They are either content with where they are – which is okay and good.  Or they are hungry for more.

The hungry for more people are my people.

I have babied too many of my students.

Noticing how they don’t take notes.

Noticing how I repeat myself a million zillion times to take notes.

Fuck that, I’m not doing that anymore.

I will tell them in the beginning, or write it on event copy, but then that’s it.

I am helping people heal of their childhood wounds, but it doesn’t mean that I have to become their mommy.

I know this is a normal thing with working in therapy, but it doesn’t have to be that way here.

It’s been too taxing on my energy.

And in the end, the student has to want it.

They have to want it that they find the money.

They have to want it that money is not a barrier

They have to want it so they know to take notes and review them.

They have to want it that they do the exercises.

Forget it with these students.

Or rather, it’s a readjustment — if this student comes near, I don’t want it more than them.

I totally cut back on my energy.

Like I have been doing on my recent sessions with this person.

They have to step up.  That is firm directives from Spirit.  Blaire, stand back.  Let them ask.  Let them direct.  Let them do.  You relax.  Relax more.

Yes, I’m intense and I go, go, go.

But if the student is not in that zone, then there is no need for me to wear myself out.

Do a different activity.  Teach a different lesson — you ADJUST to the level of student who arrives.

That’s it.  The end.

Yes!  Thank you G-d!