March 9, 2013

I am bringing this writer into speak to the group.  I can organize the meeting any way I’d like.

He suggested Q&A since I left it open ended, didn’t even think about it at the time — but now I realize I’d like to do it interview style.

I’d like to be on a platform with him, asking questions — heck, I always have a shit load anyway — and then I’d like to open it up to the members of the group.

But this makes me feel funny.

1 – Because this author already suggested Q&A, not like my idea is straying from his idea, but it makes me a little nervous, like “oh no, will he not want to do interview style – will it be too formal” — but come on Blaire, it’s practically the same thing.

I’m like Oprah.  A natural born interviewer.  I always have loads of questions.  Always so curious about people.  Let’s do this.


2 – Because it’s a new format for the writing group.  Not like they have a set format of any type, we’ve never done this before.  I’m doing a HUGE thing, bringing in a HUGELY SUCCESSFUL writer.  This is really big Blaire, you get it??

So I can do this presentation anyway I want to.  Heck, I can film it if I want to.  Dress up for it.  Grab a mic.  Video tape it.  Put it on Youtube.  Yes, all of that.

I don’t have to ask permission of anyone.  This is MY gig.  MY set up.

Release the fears of this person won’t like that or whatever, it’s how I want to do it… and this is my vision.

You’re doing it — go do it.

This takes courage, strength, confidence.  Pray for all those things.

This is wonderful!!  You’re making it much bigger than it was.  You’re making YOU much bigger than you are.  You can do this.  You don’t have to ask ANYONE for permission.