March 13, 2014

I am on a role today!  It’s flowing through so clear, so confidently.  Look what I’ve been guided to talk about now.  What I got intuitions about…

Screen shot 2014-03-13 at 2.16.05 PM


There has been a slew of Banker / Finance people “suicides” over the last few months.  I’ve vaguely been aware of this but haven’t gone into depth about it.

But today when I saw ANOTHER posting of a supposed suicide, it looks like it’s time I speak up.

I love that I’m getting so much guidance about all this stuff.  I feel so fantastic.  So in my power.  So wonderful.  So in truth.

Also, I feel so united with the world.

That’s one of the many blessings from this week.  Being united with many Awakened Warriors worldwide.  The world just got bigger.  My work just got bigger. My appeal just got bigger.

There are many of us suspicious of this “missing” plane — and I seem to be one of the only ones talking about it.

I have a special take on it that I haven’t seen ANYONE talk about.

I love this stuff. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.

So let me talk about the title of this post.

When you are doing your divine mission — you cannot NOT do it — in other words, you HAVE to do it. HAVE TO.

This whole week, with each story, I’ve been PUSHED to talk about it.  Only the tension and unease is released when I open my mouth and talk about it.  Shout it from the rooftops.

Lots of anger and frustration this week — and I’m using that all — the purpose of it all is to motivate me to move forward, to share this information, to speak it to the world.  Because it gets me so mad.  This is using that energy in a positive way.

I feel so blessed, so very blessed.

I also feel – and this is a new intuition / day dream as of today – that maybe my show is a combination of talk about American TV / TV Programming, pop culture (celebs) and World News.  Discussing the Illuminati / Elite / Globalists — but more as an evolved TV show, programming — Truth News.

I got some amazing information downloaded today about these Elite and why they do what they do.

I’m going to make a video about it.

It’s pure genius — and has to do with the generational pass down of dysfunction (brainwashing) just like abuse is passed down from generation to generation.


It makes total sense now. These people aren’t evil — they’ve just been brainwashed themselves.