April 5, 2013

So I have been going to yoga — it’s been two weeks in a row now — on the beach.

As you may know, I hate yoga.

Yep.  Don’t really like it at all.

But somehow — I think… but that may just be because it’s Friday and I did it earlier in the week, so I forget how much I was moaning and hating it and wanting it to be over ASAP — so what I was going to say is somehow I’m able to tolerate it.


It’s on the beach, so that’s a definite plus.

I like the girl who teaches it.  She makes me laugh.

I’m glad I’m going.

It’s one of those things that Spirit has been telling me for the LONGEST to do yoga once a week and I haven’t been wanting to do it and just haven’t.

Cause, it fucking sucks.

But for some reason I keep going.

This is good.

I think… 🙂

Not sure what it leads to, but it’s good that I’m stretching.

(And yes, I’ve done yoga many times in my life before — even got a month pass and went every other day or something like that — but I can’t remember anything super fantastic happening in my life because of it.  Maybe this time will be different?  Who knows.  At least I’m going, when Spirit has been telling me to, so there) 🙂