April 13, 2013

I stopped going to Yoga.  It sucks.  Too long and now she went from doing it for free, to requesting donations, to a suggested donation of $10.

I don’t like the class.  She’s a bit pushy about you staying the whole class, plus she’s in your face enthusiastic and constantly correcting your postures when you’re doing it (or slacking) — which would all make a good teacher, except for one thing.

I don’t like Yoga.

I freakin’ hate it.

I’m not her target market.

Originally she said in her marketing copy that she wanted to make it available to everyone.  That sounded good to me.  That’s one of the reasons I went.  The other one was because it was on the beach.  There was no cost.  And since she was talking about making it available to everyone I thought she was going to be easy going and laid back about it.

What happened?

Let me share more about what happened that I listed above.

She started charging, kind of.

This makes me feel bad.  Obligated.  If it was something like a dance class or singing lessons I would pay.  But since it’s yoga.  Something I don’t value, don’t care about, don’t like – it’s not worth it to me.  I know donation is as in any amount you want, but I don’t know…

That’s not the real reason.

The real reason, if I dig deeper has to do with her class is really long.  Almost 2 hours.  Plus she’s super passionate.  It’s annoying.

So she can tell me a million times how good yoga is for me.  How important it is that I come and stay the whole time, and blah blah blah – and I see her do this passionate craziness about yoga the two times I went.  People’s eye’s glaze over.  They couldn’t give a shit.

She’s used to teaching yoga instructors, probably not lay people who go to be on the beach and simply stretch.

My point here is this — she can tell me how great yoga is until she’s blue in the face, but I don’t care.  She’s never going to convince me cause I don’t care about it plus I don’t like it.

This is what I was doing.  To my mailing list, to people online, to whoever… probably.

I was enthusiastic about it.  I was using all this energy to preach it.  But who gives a fuck?

The people who wanted to be there, who cared about it, were there.

The people who signed up for the group because they thought it sounded trendy didn’t come or came once.  That’s how it goes.

She is meant to teach people who are more serious about yoga.

I am meant to teach people who are more serious about spirituality.

This is also why it doesn’t matter really want you charge.

$10 is a lot for a yoga class for me, even $2 kind of is, cause I don’t give a shit about it.  I’m more concerned about my time really — it wastes 2 hours of my time!

Whereas someone who is a die hard yoga person things $10 is a steal for yoga on the beach.  Which again, it probably is.

So that’s my two cents on it….

– Save your energy for people who give a shit

– Market to people who give a shit

– Charge what you want.  For people who care about it, will pay.