April 19, 2013

First off, again I must say I am so grateful to Hugh Howey for that interview, it shifted so much in me.

I also want to say I am so grateful to one of my students who I was triggered by and all this stuff came to the surface for me.  That shifted me so much too.  That student is really powerful — and his power pushed my power.  It has to do with control as well.  And I see how working with that person really got me to toughen up and really put my messages out there, really share, and really have confidence and strength behind what I shared.  That person was really in my face, like I was in their face about changes in their life.

This pressure has really helped both of us on our path.  If I had done it weak, that person would have not wanted to learn from me and would not have even listened to me.  This is such a blessing.  All of it is so clear now.  Very grateful.

And now I’m here!

Yelling at my students.  Hahah.  I’ll get to that… let me explain.

I’ve noticed that in each of my videos and in my private sessions and teaching in front of groups, all I do is YELL these days.

Haha.  This is hilarious.

First off, it feels so good.

All this energy is released.

Second, people seem to like it.  They listen and think and then do.

Then they tell me how much I am helping them.

That’s cool!

Third, this is such intense passion coming out of me.

Am I really yelling?  I have to watch my most recent video again.  This is a video I just made — I’ll post here, which again, I was yelling.

I have been thinking about my throat.  Concerned about my blood pressure.

Am I over-exerting myself?

This has to do with — I think – my totem animal the Turtle, which I talk about in this video — which tells me to “use Earth’s energies rather than your own to accomplish”

I think that would have to do with me yelling.  Using my screaming voice.

How interesting that this is what I had to do to be noticed.  To get my message through.  I think it’s the intense passion that comes through.  Hmmm.. I don’t know it all right now, letting the answers come through.

I also want to say that this motivating Lightworkers to get over their fears and get out there to do their Divine Mission seems to be a real sweet spot for me right now – and maybe forever(?)  — well there is no forever.  But over the last week, I am getting so much more response from people on Facebook — and more people showed up at my beach talk yesterday.  Things are growing now.  Expanding.  I have been feeling it, now I am SEEING it.

I am being effective.  People are listening.  People are responding.  I am serving (hehe, that word still makes me laugh)