June 5, 2013

Well here we are again.  Writer’s group.  I have been working on this pitch, will refine it a bit more today, as well as brainstorm and I could use some feedback on it.

Both in the writing as well as the concept.  Field any questions people have.  Get comments and feedback from them.

But I look at that group and who’s signed up — more of the nasty ones have signed up since yesterday when I registered — and I’m not feeling it.

Nasty people.

Jealous.  Bad vibes.

So I’m not sure what to do.  I can either go and then leave if I’m in a group with the people I don’t like.  No big deal, that’ll be an hour adventure of wasted time if that happens.

Or I just don’t go — and maybe unsubscribe from the group all together.  Those nasty fuckers.

They are so gossipy.  And nasty.  That’s really the word for it.

I don’t trust them.  And I don’t want to show my work to people like that.  It’s better if I just ask people at my pool, when I’m writing, their feedback.

That I’m feeling is the way to go….

It’s unfortunate that I can’t get this done there.

That the group is absolutely useless.

But it is.

Better for them to see my success, than for me to come to them for help.  I’m not doing that — and I need to protect my emotions, my dreams, my success.

Fuck them.

Oh well.

But I can do this on my own and G-d brings me people who will support me / answer my questions / give feedback anyway.  I need to look at it that way.  I think it’s also time that I unsubscribe and leave that group…


It’s just one of those things (again) that  you leave lingering, as a crutch, as a safety net — but it’s not a safety net if the people are nasty and you don’t trust them.  Fuck that.  Moving on.  Unsubscribing now.  Oh well.