May 26, 2013

This is from my Facebook…. so many incredible trippy psychic things keep happening.  I want to say I don’t know what’s going on… but that’s what’s going on, deepening with my connection to Spirit and psychic gifts.


MAY – DEEPENING WITH PSYCHIC GIFTS — Wow, this has been one trippy / cool month. Oh man, lol, as I write this it’s 7:33AM

(7 = success, good news — 33 = manifestation, ascended masters?? I’m still learning and figuring this all out — I see these number combinations constantly now).

Numbers have been following me, talking to me non-stop these days. Like every few minutes something new happens.

So this is going to be a long post because I need to “see” it for myself and my conscious mind is trying to figure it all out.

This of course is not going to be all the incidents, I have that in my journal but last night caused me to document all of this on here. Just so much happening. Again trying to figure it all out.

It seems my psychic gifts have gotten deeper – are expanding this month. That’s something I’ve never even thought about – ever. I always wanted to be psychic but once I realized my gift and of course this happens in layers, I never thought about “what would it be like for this to expand? become greater?” maybe that’s a thought you’d like to think for yourself… wow. craziness.

So this whole month and it’s been happening in an increasing rate as we near the end of the month, many psychic signs / messages have been combining. Hearing sounds from other dimensions, messages in my dreams, numbers now talking to me – I’ve always had numbers as signs, and over the last several months (maybe 3) triple digit numbers have been following me, but this month “weird” number combinations have been emerging. Like the one above and ones I will share below and so much more. They are each “talking” to me for lack of better word. Everything is speaking to me in my environment and this is coming from a person that already has had that experience, like I said, now MORE things are talking to me.

Okay… so this is a long post because there is so much to share… 🙂

Oh and combined with all of that…
-hearing sounds from other dimensions
-messages in my dreams
-numbers talking to me
-and messages from the animal kingdom

Again, I’ve always had things like this.. they’ve just been intensifying.

Okay… so let me tell you what happened (btw, 5:22 right now…
5 – changes
22 – have faith, manifesting your desires
I see these numbers on a regular basis too.)

Hard to get to the story cause things keep happening.
Okay, now 7:44 —
7 – success
44 – angels all around me, hard work and achieving success / setting up foundations. listening to your intuition

So May 6, I posted this on FB:

I’ve been having some weird – but cool – situations happen. Not quite sure what it is. Maybe a mixing of dimensions, really quite groovy. Not sure what to think of it. First, about a week or two ago I woke up in the middle of the night to the loud slam of a door. My dog Magic jumped too, he heard it. It wasn’t from another apartment like a neighbor or something, it was definitely in my home….

then two nights ago in the middle of the night, again it woke me up – was the snapping of a measuring tape – very distinct sound and instantly made me think of my ex (he was a builder) and totally freaked me out. I was super scared, started immediately praying, looked at the clock and it was 2:22.

Then just now (May 6), I went to the bathroom, opened the door, and the door made a creek noise that then morphed into a cat screeching – it was so distinct that again it freaked me out and I jumped, thinking there was a cat running out of the bathroom! How crazy is that. I don’t live with a cat and never did… although interestingly enough, Spirit brought a cat into my life, it was a cat abandoned by it’s mom and just let outside , and I’ve been thinking of getting a cat but waiting until I move to a larger apartment. In any event, what do you think of all these multi-dimensional experiences?
Now again, keep in mind this whole month has continued to be like this. I have it all written down / too much to write on here….

Also this month, I was woken up in the middle of the night, this was maybe a week or a bit more and told to write down these sayings. This lasted an hour, Spirit telling me things to write down, me having to get up from bed, turn on the light, again in the middle of the night to write all this stuff down. I’m holding onto this paper, but still don’t know what it’s for

Okay — so two nights ago I had another snake in my dream. Snakes have been a regular in my life over the last 3 years but again increasing over the last 2-3 months. Two nights ago really trippy snakes were in my dream. Abnormal looking. Weird colors, psychedelic almost. Not sure what that’s about — and no, I don’t do drugs and I don’t drink. I know snake has to do with transformation, but it still strikes me as weird how they were so different crazy colors and shapes looking

Then last night heard Magic bark/yell that he wanted me to open the door more so he can get some water. He does this sometimes… but when I jolted out of bed, he was still sleeping, totally fine. The sound didn’t come from him. Strange. And then when I woke up in my head it flashed 12:33
12 – cycles of life – divine life purpose
33: ascended masters are near, manifestation.

again, these numbers have so many meanings, that’s why I’m going through some confusion / learning curve.

Then I had this dream where I left my bag somewhere. Had a minor freakout but then realized that I had my money clip in my pocket and it was no big deal the other stuff I lost // or rather left.

This may have to do with my real life in that I cleared a lot of things — physical things – from my life the last two days, cleared out my apartment, I’m getting ready to move.

I thought that was interesting.

Also what was interesting about that was that yesterday when I was at the supermarket I had a minute of freakout cause I couldn’t find my fanny pack, thought I lost it or left it at home. I ended up finding it… but that’s never happened to me before. Or maybe once before.

Okay, 7:55 now
7 – success
55 – changes

Then as I woke up to write down this dream about the losing of my bag, 12:44 flashed in my head.
12: divine life purpose – something… who knows already 🙂
44: angels are near.

I know my guides are the ones flashing these numbers.
Not sure what the connection is to these incidents when I’m dreaming. This is the first day of this… having a dream or psychic experience and then Spirit flashing a number that correlates.

Then when I opened my journal to write this dream down and number… there was an ant in the page I opened to. You know, a real live ant, just crawling there. HOW STRANGE. I know ants have to do with hard work, discipline, and success through persistence.

Wow. Wow. Wow. This has been some incredible month on so many levels. I just had to share because the intensity and frequency has been truly remarkable. I keep thinking “what the heck is going on? And I have no idea what’s going on?” – but I see in writing this stuff out, I do have some clarity as to what’s happening — my connection to Spirit is deepening, my psychic gifts expanding, and overall I’m becoming more awesome 🙂 haha. Wow. Wow. Wow. This has never entered my mind, ever, as something to dream of or wish for. So cool! I have always (well for 8+ years now) felt Spirit around me, but this is becoming more and more clear — or rather confirmed. How could I not feel this when they are CONSTANTLY communicating with me… through numbers, signs, animals, feelings, hearing them, and seeing things. Wow, that’s all I can say.

Open to your thoughts, encouragement, and celebration with me 🙂

PS:  Oh, I can’t deal. This is the 2nd day in a row that my HDMI cable is not working -Spirit is like,”Stop watching movies! We want you outside!”

…. which is actually the truth, cause I need to ground this new energy that has been flowing through me.