April 13, 2013

I’ve been meaning to write this post several days / weeks ago when the thought came to me.

I’ve been thinking about Facebook (this includes Twitter, but I don’t really think about Twitter) ūüôā and I see all these experts, etc posting on there all the time.

I see Facebook as a place — an program that was created — which is being used to make people WORK MORE.

At first I saw Facebook as an opportunity to attract more students/clients and to meet new friends/guys.  (Haha)

But now as I watch experts posting all the time. ¬†Sometimes putting their posts on automatic, loading them up ahead of time. ¬†Responding to people’s comments, again, posting things to inspire, motivate, little excerpts of their life, or things from their book, etc – giving mini readings, etc. ¬†Ugh, it’s all such a turn off.

It’s like looking at a monkey and saying, dance for me!! Dance for me!! And then you see these experts jumping through hurtles to do this stuff to entertain their crowd / “followers” ¬†“fans”

Why do they do it?

It’s unconscious — everyone else is doing it, I’m going to do it too.

It’s also for book deals and other opportunities. ¬†They feel because they have big followings, etc or the constant need to increase their following well then they get a better deal or more deals or more visibility, etc.

None of that is of interest to me.

For awhile it was, although I was grouchy about it, cause it ends up draining my energy and being a waste of time cause I don’t see any real results.

And then I just stopped.  Stopped bothering.  Stopped giving, stopped doing.  There are other things to spend my energy on.  No interest to work more.

No interest to work 24 hours on FB posting snazzy things to get comments, likes, and shares.

And that’s what it is. ¬†Each time the expert signs on, they are constantly on call. ¬†Constantly having their energy, people, etc pulling at them.