April 23, 2013

As I sat down to do a list of work for today, a beautiful feeling and memory from the past came over me.  A time when I was with my ex, walking around town, enjoying life and feeling in love.

I’m not quite sure why that thought and memory came over me — interestingly enough, the clock said 11:11 as this happened and I’m grateful for it.

Memories of really enjoying life.  Being happy.  Feeling feminine.  Feeling free.

And it’s made me think – desire – and it’s something I will do today.

Enjoy life.

When I am making loads of money, millions and millions, I will be working less than I am now.  I know this to be true.

I will be working less and enjoying life more.

So there’s no reason for me to be working more now.

It makes no sense.  It is my fear running me.  Worries about money… or rather lack of it.

So I’m going to look over one thing I want to do – and then I will head to the beach or a walk out in nature — and I will remind myself of that wonderful feeling that came over me today.  Thank you.