June 21, 2013

So what a wonderful sign and assistance from the Universe!

Just woke up.  Wrote that last post about fears.  Prayed to Ganesh to remove the obstacles.  Got a sign from Thoth to “write” – which I take as a push to go to Barnes and Noble today as I was thinking, to look up magazines who would be interested in this piece to sponsor me.

And then walked Magic.

When I was coming home with him — there it was.  A SUV with a UHAUL on the back!  Fantastic!

That’s exactly what I was thinking about all yesterday!

I wanted to go to the Uhaul store (wherever it is) and speak to someone about what options I had with the going out west.


I take this as a sign of HUGE SUPPORT from the Universe.

I got to speak to this guy about his trip down here (14 hour drive) from Louisiana to FL (he didn’t stop – WOW!) and he filled me in with details about renting the UHaul and what you put in it, etc.


Thank you so much!

The whole thing made me really excited!  It MAKES me really excited.

I think I’m really going to do this.

Take it as a 3-4 week adventure — and get sponsored to write about it — yes!