My Transformation

Here are a few videos that show my transformation of:

  • Re-claiming my power
  • Serving in a bigger way
  • Understanding and developing my natural gifts and talents and enjoying life more
  • Stepping into more of who I truly am
  • Attracting more money by using my Intuition and having Spirit guide me
  • Building my business in an easy, effortless way – The Spiritual Way!

It’s incredible how much my life has changed in such a short time.

In just 1 month you can already see the transformation happening!

My energy was changing and my power was growing!

These videos are just a small snippet to show the changes I went through.

Through this blog, I share with you the behind the scenes of what I went through, the realizations and guidance that came through from Spirit to lead me, so I was able to finally step into doing my divine mission!  

Become an Adventurer so you can transform as well!


My First Video On This Adventure  

 October 20, 2012 –  I’m Not Being Nice Anymore

JUST 1 Month Later… 

You already see the changes!


November 21, 2012 –  A Message To All Lightworkers:  Step It Up and Share Your Gifts


And then this….in the same month!


November 26, 2012 – Stepping Into Enlightenment


And this….again, all in the SAME MONTH!  BIG CHANGES!

November 30, 2012 – Stepping Into The Role of Spiritual Teacher, Healer, and/or Leader

And now this….!


As you can see, my power has really grown and my energy is totally different!


Join the Adventure, and you’ll change quickly too!

January 1, 2013 – The 7 Day Violence Detox

Now, of course you can work on stepping more into your power and clearing out blocks on your own.

But why would you want to?

It’ll take YEARS to transform like I am able to help you.

When you team up with me and I guide you through your healing, your growth and healing ACCELERATES!

That’s right!

Wouldn’t you like to be more powerful NOW?

Wouldn’t you like to STOP feeling hurt and pissed off at people NOW?

Wouldn’t you like to start making more money NOW?

Wouldn’t you like to do what you were meant to do in this world NOW?

Take the accelerated path to being more powerful in this world, Join the Adventure!


May 12, 2013 – The Spiritual Way To Attract More Money and Build Your Business

July 8, 2013 – For My White People, Part 1

In my power, strong, courageous, speaking up about real issues in the world to help shift, change, and heal our society.

I Am George Zimmerman And So Are You

White People – No More Double Standard – Let Your Voices Be Heard!