April 19, 2013

So something else that dawned on me at yesterday’s beach talk — and that is wimpy people… as in people with no confidence / self esteem, etc — are not attractive.

I’m not talking about as in beauty — I’m talking about as in — they do NOT attract people to them.

They come across as weak.

And I think most people don’t like weak people.

Now, vulnerable is something different than weak.

Vulnerable people are actually very attractive.

Weak people are not.

And it’s something I wonder…. maybe all this time I was coming across as weak.

Believing that I was weak.

I know that’s why I (one of the reasons why) I stayed in my relationship with my ex for so long.

It’s a big feeling of powerlessness.

That others are better than you.

Not knowing how to rise above.

Wanting to be bigger and more powerful but still being weak.

I’m not sure about all of this… it was just a thought — and intuition that came to me yesterday.

Some of my students are definitely weak feeling.  Energy wise.

They may come across as tough.

Or they may come across as quiet.

It all comes down to weak.

And weak is not attractive.

So again, I think that may have been going on with me.

Although many people have told me they think I’m really confident — I wasn’t so much.  This went on for years.  Yes, confident to a certain extent and with certain things — but with PERSONAL POWER, SETTING BOUNDARIES, BEING “NICE” TO EVERYONE WHEN THEY WOULD BE SNEAKY DICKS TO ME, well that was all weak.

Also being afraid to share my message, although I was out there doing.

Not really having that power behind it.

Well, again, I think when you’re weak like that you’re not going to attract people to you — to your message  — to your business.

It’s a deep believing in yourself that’s needed

A deep knowing of yourself.

It’s also something that can’t be faked.

You get there when you get there – through healing.