April 13, 2013

So here’s why I think spiritual people don’t get along. ¬†Or rather, why I don’t get along with most spiritual people…. here it goes… you ready ūüôā

I think most spiritual people are pretty fake.

They walk around pretending life is so great.  Never wanting to bad mouth anyone or anything and totally disown their human side.

They all become pretty lifeless. ¬†Just this talking head about the “wonderful Universe” and butterflies and rainbows.

Now, I am very real, so many times this doesn’t mesh.

The other reason why I don’t think spiritual people get along, and this is a bigger WHY than the reason I just gave you — and it’s because spiritual people are all in flux. ¬†Constantly changing, healing, learning new stuff, growing.

So things can get very confusing.

People can get real moody.

Anything and everything can trigger someone when they are going through periods of growth.

So if you take one spiritual person, who gets triggered by another spiritual person

(which I might add, I tend to trigger people a lot — I think just naturally (it’s one of my gifts LOL) I get to the core of what is up with people…. so that triggers them)

I shared this with you, didn’t I? ¬†Well, read this… this was how someone just reading my stuff was triggered by my name! ¬†It makes me laugh cause here I am trying to figure out why people read my stuff and then don’t purchase or comment or whatever, meanwhile they are going through internal changes. ¬†Which again, just re-affirms why this website is so stellar, cause I’m sure you’re getting triggered here, there, etc — and being prompted to write and think about things.

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I actually found you. I was reading an article and it said the love guru… I was like who has the audacity to call themselves that…and clicked the link to your site. You are truly gifted, but at the time I was thinking “how dare she call herself that? What makes her say that, what experience does she have over the next person, uppity so n so…lol no I didn’t but close. And then I read something else profoundly moving, saw it was this love guru chick, still mad that you’re calling yourself that and the rofl I read this…and I swear still not knowing it was you, get to the end and yes, girl, you deserve the title love guru. Your twinflame stuff is right on point and spoke directly to my heart and soul. And I will definitely be revisiting your pages as often as I’m called and able to. and plz feel free to quote me where you so choose, you have my express permission to do so Thank you from my heart to yours¬†Blaire Allison¬†truly, The Love Guru, hugs ~am


So there you go, triggered by their own stuff. ¬†Maybe this is the case with you? ¬†Maybe you’re triggering people, just by being YOU or stepping into your power and this may be why you are repelling some people or pissing off some people….