May 28, 2013

Afraid of failing.

Afraid of getting attention / making it big again and not making money off the venture.

That would be really sad to me.  Dare I say – devastating.  It has been devastating to me all these years.  How sad that all these wonderful things came from that site and I’ve been “stuck” on disappointment.  Devastation cause it didn’t take me further with my career.

But here’s the deal Blaire, if you do the video route like you’ve been doing, you’ll get the same dead end and unhappiness that you’ve been getting.

If you do it differently – write up the ideas and go for it.  Pitch it to the networks and that’s what you really want, then you’ll be a success.

But what if it’s not a success?

You keep pitching it.

That’s the easy part for you – this will get sold.  You see how quickly you attracted TV opportunities these last two weeks just by going for what’s in your heart – by going for the gold.

So no need to play small anymore.  You see that leaves you unhappy anyway – so go big or go home!

So yes, this is a risk.

It’s like here I am to commit to my dream – the dream I’ve had my whole life to get a tv show.

And now go for it.

There is no backup plan.  But why is that scary?

If it doesn’t work out?

But come on, you don’t think that way.  That’s not even one of your worries.  All your daydreams are of grande success.  So tomorrow – take one step – do it – write it up and you know it makes you really happy and super excited and passionate.  It happens every time.

It’s strange cause you look at those TV books and you feel like I don’t want to bother.  They’ve been sitting on your floor for two months or more now.  But when you do get around to reading them you have so many ideas flowing.  You love them.  You get flooded with all this excitement.

But how strange.

It’s almost like there’s so much information that you get overloaded.  You just need to slow down the energy and write down the ideas.

We’ll help you, that’s what this weekend is for.  It’ll be okay – it’ll be fun!  You can do it.  We’ll help you.  Okay, thank you!

PS:  I’m still writing up my notes from this weekend….I’ll let you know when the posts are back up to date.