February 7, 2013

Well, this morning… how interesting.

There’s a Facebook private group of people who are in that group with me that I had issues with a few people… or rather they had issues with me.

I shared some information in there today and noticed what was going on right after I did it…

I was sharing the information not necessarily cause I wanted to (did I want to?)

I shared it — my motivation – was to show others how valuable I am to the group.


I mean, come on, no judgment though, cause so many people behave in these ways, I’m just happening to notice my motivations.

So I didn’t share cause I really wanted to spend my energy that way, as I’m busy with my book and I need to focus on that — I shared because I wanted to 1) like the other post, get others on my side — 2) for them to say I’m valuable  3) for them to like me or like me more.

Come on, this is not necessary.

Pull back.

Pull in.

Thank you for showing this to me.

You should share cause you truly want to give, not cause you are trying to prove your worthiness.  And this again translates into FB as a whole.  Why do I post on there?  Do I really want to share the information?  Or am I trying to show others on my page that I am valuable, that I am worthy?

F that.

More FB crap.  I try to hold back from posting, but yet I still keep going back. 🙂