May 12, 2013

The reason why I released my mailing list, besides the stuff I already shared with you in previous posts is because the students who are my ideal students, the ones I love working with, are guided to me, and purchase right away.

They don’t need time to think about their purchase.

They don’t need to be on my mailing list and let me “convince” them or “share more of me” with them.

They are resourceful. They watch my material.  They read my material.

They recognize that Spirit brought them to me.

They feel it in their heart that I have the answer / the help they are searching for and they sign on.

Just like that.


So really there’s no reason for the mailing list.

All that energy associated with the mailing list was about proving myself to them or convincing people that I am likable or have value.

And I ain’t doing that no more.

That was a big lesson – a “wounding” that was brought with me from when I was a child.

With my parents.

Then through dating — until I learned the Spiritual Way to Attract The One.

And now with business.  Through my mailing list notices.

“Please, sign on with me”


I thank my grandmother for bringing this to my awareness again.  As it came up again in visiting her a few weeks ago.  No appreciation that I was coming, that I was spending time with her, she wasn’t even happy to see me.  That reminded me of my parents and my interactions with them… feeling like I was taken for granted, that no one gave a shit no matter what I did or how hard I tried… and because I thought about it, wrote about it, and processed through it I was able to get to this place – of freedom and discovery.

Thank you Nana.  I appreciate the lesson you taught me.

Stop trying with the wrong people.  They will never notice, you’ll never be good enough / make them happy, and they don’t even care.  I moved on by releasing my mailing list.

Now I just service people who follow their heart, sign on right away, are a pleasure to work with, and come to me easily and effortlessly.  Plus it saves time!  What freedom!  Thank you!  That was such a heavy burden I was carrying!