May 30, 2013

I am reading some information about making a million dollars, having to do with mindset and wanted to blog about it on here.

Why I haven’t made a million bucks yet?


Through this journey so far I’ve realized that I was not marketing to the right people.

The reason for this, was that I was not fully sure what I was offering.

That same old story you’ve read from me before — I have so many gifts, so many things I help people with, how do I present myself?

Well, because I didn’t really know who I was in business, there was no way for my students to find me.

This also has to do with the beauty of the time in my life I’m going through now.

The coming out.  Being bigger and bolder and performing.

I know this is a huge part of the puzzle I’ve been searching for and resisting like CRAZY.

Dressing up — doing a performance as my way of teaching — interactive and making spirituality fun and loud — and again, FUN.

I haven’t been shining my light.  I haven’t been flying.

So this causes difficulty in my people finding me.

All the other people who came on my path were helping me get here.

Hurray, bless them!  Sincerely.  Thank you!

And I also wanted to share in this post, one of the gifts of this time now is that I get to go and be really silent and curl up closer to G-d.  Real close.

The gift with my money situation right now is that it is motivating me to get myself out there — now. No more hiding.

No more time for avoiding.

No more time for procrastinating or focusing my attention elsewhere.

I need to be real focused on my mission — because by doing that, that will be the only thing that will save me.

Again, I also keep noting how Spirit keeps requiring me / encouraging me to get quieter and quieter.. as I eliminate distractions / people on Facebook… eliminate newsletters I am subscribed too… eliminate my newsletter…. eliminate books… eliminate other people’s teachings.

It’s time for me to be really close to Spirit.  Really quiet so I can hear them speaking, and then get closer and closer, and quieter and quieter to work with them to show me through.

Eliminating all other people’s teachings — tonight I’m reading this stuff because I am deleting it from my desktop, it’s been sitting there for a few weeks – and enough.  Clearing more.

Eliminating other people’s teachings — because I need to focus ONLY on mine.

That’s what this time is about now.

So that’s why I haven’t made a million dollars and more yet… because I needed to get to this point, to clarify who I am, what I am to do and share in this world… and to then be matched up with my people.

See how that works 🙂  Beautiful.

PS:  This silence and “escape” has to do with being away from radio shows, radio talk / education shows, tv shows and films.  They encourage me with no distractions.  Silence is the direction.  Me and them.  Me and me.  That’s it.