July 7 2013

Who I am now, I don’t like.

I know this is why Spirit keeps giving me the message to have compassion towards myself.

I feel like I’m going through a huge awakening and I’m definitely in my passion and on purpose — but I guess it scares me.

I’m coming across as really strong.

Maybe this is okay, maybe it’s just that I’m just not used to it…

I don’t know.

I’m surely finding my people now since I am so outspoken and controversial.  Interestingly enough, a lot of men have started to follow me on YouTube and Twitter.

I feel a bit rough, maybe angry.

I don’t like this either.

It’s tough.

Angry sounding, maybe?

I feel angry a lot.

I feel a lot of energy.  Passionate energy.  Anger.


I will be more compassionate towards myself, give myself more time.  This is all new to me.  It’s a “rude” awakening.  Diving into the material.  Scouring the “books”/videos/material.  Let myself learn, digest, research.

Continue commenting on the trial through videos and give myself time before I am out there / out there.

Let it be.

Be compassionate towards myself — towards the changes.

Get used to what direction I am going in.

Let Spirit continue to lead me…