June 28, 2013

I realized the other day that my anxiety comes in during the resting days because my mind goes to money worries.

I kept on thinking about it yesterday….. what if my show already sold and I was just hanging around today?

What if I had $100,000 in my bank account or more and I was hanging around, would I still feel uneasy, like something was wrong, that I should be doing something else, anxiety?

And the answer would be no.

Of course I would get bored — and that’s fair enough, but I realize, that the boredom was only an issue, because I felt I should be doing something else to be bringing in money.

It’s like on weekends, it feels okay to rest – because everyone else is relaxing, but on the weekdays I “should” be working.

And even more should be working because money is what it is in my bank account.

So I thank my guides for keeping on reminding me of this — giving me a new perspective on this situation.

And also the realization that this is probably how I am going to be living my life.

Working on a project…

Then resting from a project…

And that I should get used to coming up with ideas for things I want to do with my life.

And get used to relaxing on days when other people… regular society is working.