April 20, 2013

Where I’m going now… I have no idea.

What I do know is that Spirit is guiding me and I’m just doing.  It feels good, when my mind is not thinking and then it gets confusing.

What I will tell you is that I feel bad for the Boston “terrorist” who was captured.  This is a set up.  A staged event from the government trying to enforce martial law.  It bothers me and it’s so obvious.

The Sandy Hook incident was the government trying to scare Americans and to get more gun laws passed / remove our gun rights.

The Sandy Hurricane was geo-engineering by the government, to put forth more fear to the American people.

This is all so crazy.

There’s GMO craziness, with Obama passing a bill that no one can sue Montesanto with their GMO issues.  So now Montesanto has no repercussions for making people sick.

The Batman massacre was again by government with their secret agenda again to pass more gun laws.

All of it is so clear to me now.  I’ve been reading and watching information on this stuff for many, many months and it’s so clear to me.  I can’t be quiet about it anymore.  I can’t even pass it off like maybe this or that really was a terrorist attack or a crazy psychotic person.  There is just too much information pointing at the government and their desires to control us / pass laws to spy on us, etc — take away our rights.

There’s drones that watch us in our homes.

And not too long ago I was reading — and posted it on my Facebook page – on how the newer TVs are having special technology installed so they can monitor what we are watching — as well as watch us and see inside our homes.  I would post the link up here again if I find it but I know I put it on my Facebook page.

All of this stuff angers me.  And I can’t sit back and keep my mouth shut when I know there are things going on behind the scenes, secret agendas of people with power wanting to get more power and control.