May 8, 2013

So I’ve been thinking about what it would mean about myself when I make a lot more money in my business, have loads of clients, and have my TV job, etc.

Because I’ve attracted money from unexpected sources.  I’ve always had money.  These days my “obsession” – or rather my decision to heal the stuff around my money has come around my business.  That’s my focus.  Sure, it’s great getting money from other sources, but again, my desire is to receive it through my business.

So I asked myself – what will it mean about myself when that happens?

And when all that stuff happens, it means I have value.

That my work has value.

That I have value in this career path.

That I was RIGHT.  (for so long I have been told I was wrong in my life / by my mom)

So it’s about me standing on my two feet.

Taking care of myself.

Not needing anyone.

Being able to really release attachments to family, etc.  Because that’s the only thing that keeps them somewhat in my mind, fear of not making it on my own.

So I think it’s important to realize this stuff.  It’s never about money… it’s about the things underneath it.