May 4, 2013

I spoke to Spirit last night through writing (I used to do this a lot) and got some really good answers which I’ll share with you, about what I’m learning.

I asked them for a certain amount of money for the month of April, which they did not provide and I’ve been a bit bummed about it and wanted some answers from them as to why

This is what they said

(By the way, I’m paraphrasing this section because I feel it’s a bit private all they shared with me and how they shared it)


Now you are learning how to value yourself more

Learning how to care for yourself more

Learning how to love yourself more

Learning how to follow your intuition more and solely rely on us


ME:  Aren’t these things I can learn while making copious amounts of money?


THEM:  (Again, paraphrasing) You can learn this while you are wildly wealthy but at that time you will also be very busy.  Your mind will be focused on other things and now you are building a strong foundation.


This makes sense to me.  I have been learning how to take better care of myself.  Learning a deeper way of loving myself.  I have been focusing more on my creativity, which brings me great happiness, peace, calm and flow.

Also cooking – really getting into that habit and loving it, being creative with it and really feeling nourished / loved through it.

I’ve been doing more cleaning and cleaning up around my apartment.  My apartment is smaller than I like and I’ve been wanting to move for sometime.  I have been organizing my space better, keeping things cleaner, noticing the energy shifts when I do.   I’ve been releasing things, clearing out.

I feel loved when my place is clean and tidy – – and again these things I usually slack on like the cooking.

This goes with spending more time in nature.  More walks, more quiet and slow time.

I see how this is all the foundation for my wealth and I am grateful for this time as I do see it’s so important and how when I’m busy — I know I’ll be real busy, with lots of opportunities to juggle and now that I have experienced this kind of wealth (wealth in Spirit / wealth in healthy living) that I will want to incorporate it — that I will incorporate it because it’s already my way of living.  I feel blessed for that.

A deep, deep connection with Spirit.

PS:  More synchronicities about my TV job — was watching this video of that guy I was going to interview, ended up on his demo reel which shows how he’s a regular on so many cable shows.  that was an awesome sign…. and then the other sign yesterday was that on this show I was watching one of the main characters was excited and talking about how they just got a job as on air talent!  awesome!  it’s coming near.  It’s here.  I’m practicing living the dream today (more on this in the next post)