June 22, 2013

Today my head hurts.  I’m making this post short as I don’t think the computer waves help me, although I’ve been laying around, sleeping all day and that’s pretty boring in itself.

The headache I think was caused by the tension in my jaw all night. Clenching and just tensing up my jaw… I’m working on healing that today.  Hopefully.  I need to do more journalling.

So now, you may have noticed in my last post a new idea has come to mind with my trip out West.

I didn’t even realize the thought — as it came yesterday — and then again today — until I was writing about it telling you.

That’s why writing these posts – you doing it and me doing it – is so key.

It unveils things you didn’t realize you were thinking.  Things that were so subtle.

So I’ve been asking myself.  What would make this trip out West more enjoyable?

How would I like to do it in style?

And the thought came to me that a jeep / SUV company / something more sturdy and a bigger car sponsored me.  Loaned a car and shipped mine, maybe also paid for gas and a stipend per day.

And maybe I blogged about the car, being on the road.  Whatever.

So now this goes on my list of more things to do.

“Need to contact car companies — need to submit car sponsorship proposals”

Oh man.

More work… was what my logical mind was saying.

Spirit, you’re having me dream bigger, but your then giving me more work.

Well…. as I was coming out of my sleep just now… Spirit said to me…. what if really what was happening was that your life was getting easier?


Easier because I’m getting financial support doing what I love?

Easier because they’re going to bring me sponsors or make it easy for me?

I’m not sure what that means yet.

But it’s a thought I’m pondering.

As I lay on the couch going into round 3 or 4 of naps today.  Terrible headache.  Again.

PS:  With this truck idea, I can’t help but feel AGAIN that I should reactivate my Facebook account, as I’m sure the sponsorship will want to see how many people I am reaching.  Man, it’s always about that, isn’t it?  Is it?  Again, just letting it be.. not doing anything.

PSS:  I can see how the celebrities compare how many followers they have to one another.  Does that mean you’re better than someone else cause you have more followers?  Does it mean you get more of a book deal $?  Or a better album deal?  Now that record companies or sponsorships have a way of quantifying how many people are following you?

And my age old question — what’s the point of having followers if those people aren’t buying from you?  If they are just “watching” you?

I would want people tuning into my TV show each week… coming to my workshops.

Who the f cares if they are watching my twitter or facebook feed.


And the thoughts continue.  Still not “doing” anything about it.

Signing off… resting… going to rent a video when I get up enough energy.

My guides said I’m clearing through a lot of stuff, it’s easier for me to process things by sleeping…

Okay.  Fine by me.