May 5, 2013

So this weekend, as I shared with you, I did a lot of cooking and painting.  It was fabulous.

Well, today I learned something very significant.  And that was to trust — trust when I’m in the flow.

Now you may think this is the most obvious lesson — but it came through deeper today.

I was drawing and painting my LION.

It originally looked good when I drew it out with pencil.  Not fantastic, but good.

I know it gets changed around when I paint it, so I let it be.

Then I started painting and it wasn’t looking so good…

I panicked… a little.

Oh no, what am I going to do.  I’ve painted a lion before but this one’s not looking so good.

Spirit said, relax.

Just have fun.

Who cares.  You’re having fun here.

Just pull out colors and have fun painting.


I took out some other colors and went to make a stroke.

Then another.

Still not so good.

I thought to myself, okay, I may have to trash this one — may have to start again (Interesting I thought that as I’ve never had to do that with any of my artwork…)

Spirit said TRUST.  Just paint, do it as an experiment, just keep piling on colors == have fun with it.

So I did.

And then something happened — it started looking AMAZING

and now the LION is my favorite painting.  It’s so vibrant and awesome.

And amazing how it came from something that I thought I totally ruined (too bad I don’t have pictures to show you the progression as I’m sure you would have thought “ohh no” too)

So this is the same lesson with cooking.  Things have been easy and vibrant — in the flow.

I cooked so many dishes I’ve never cooked before, but I was trusting when I was in the flow.

And everything came out AMAZING.

There’s only one dish – the chicken marsala that I have to tweek a bit when I do it next, but still it’s not bad.  It still is very good.

And that’s all my doing.  No thinking at all, just total flow.

And I need to think of how to apply that into my daily business.

I’m like that when working with students and writing… but there seems to be a lot of in between space that I feel stressed or frustrated or bored from time to time.  More on this later.

For now, time to celebrate.  TRUSTING WHEN IN THE FLOW.