March 9, 2014

I’ve noticed this sort of “Warrior Sparring” when I am with some warriors.

It happened with the guy who was my student, who afterwards the realizations came to me that I was a warrior….

And again with the guy I met yesterday.

It’s this Warrior Sparring.

Energetically, it’s a fight for power.

I am tempted to say I did not start it — that I was merely defending myself, but I have to think about this more.  I think that must not be true.  I know I must have a part in it.  Something.

So here’s how it goes.

Yesterday I was talking with this guy.  He was asking me questions, and like the teacher role I normally go into, I was answering them.

Then something happened.

He was reading my energy.  I was letting him.

I was reading his energy.

Not sure who was reading who’s first — or rather, who was saying OUT LOUD about the other person’s energy.

Actually I would have to go with HIM.

I usually — my default — is to keep that to myself.

That’s my wounding — my fear — I also don’t think it’s energetically / psychic-ally the right thing to do.

But he was telling me about me — so I was telling him some things I was picking up about him.  (Not all of it though)

I remember how this went, because finally I gathered together my power and told him that part of me feels afraid around him — that he has anger — is violent.

Actually I think I did tell this to him in the beginning…

Hmm… The chain of events I’m unsure of.  I guess it doesn’t matter.

This is the reason why I’m still here.  To have met him.  I think he may take me to the next level.  He may help me open up to more of who I am.  OR maybe I already learned what I needed to from him and I won’t see or hear from him again….. you never know, until you know 🙂

And this idea of me learning from him – doesn’t take away from him being my student.  I think you’re always learning from one another.

But anyway, the part of the exchange that stands out to me is this…

I said to him — “You’re not in Florida only for your business, right?  There’s something else going on”

And he said — “Yes, you’re right.  You can feel that?  Now I know you’re more powerful than me.  I can feel you all over here — on my back, poking my shoulder.”


I’m still floored by that comment.

My thought later on was that if he does become a paying student I’m going to have to tell him that he must go into student mode — and be open to listening and learning — rather than reading my energy and trying to prove himself to me or one up me.

This was the situation with that last warrior that we were constantly energetically sparring until I finally said something to him about being okay with being the student… and then it turned out to be really good and we did healing around him feeling he has to prove himself to others, etc.

This is exciting stuff.

And good for me.  This guy is SUPER POWERFUL.  SCARY powerful — but I was able to hold my own, not let him take command and power over me.

Good job Blaire.

Good job.