January 5, 2013

The other thing related to this Violence Detox is that I am noticing how much I call people names or put people down, don’t want to be bothered, or am annoyed by others.

It’s not LOADS… again, I’m usually with myself — but when I am out in crowds or dealing with other people… when I’m not doing my teacher/healer thing…. I notice how I am doing this.

I’m not doing much about this right now.  Well, actually I’ll take that back – I’m bringing awareness to it.  Plus I am trying to “catch” myself when I do it… although I don’t seem to realize I’ve committed an act of violence until AFTER the fact.

But hey, you gotta start somewhere.

I’d like to purify my thoughts.

People purify their bodies.  We purify what we eat.  Well, here is purifying your thoughts.

What are you thinking on a regular basis about yourself or about other people…. that is then screwing up your life and your manifestations?

We all know… well, many spiritual people know, that what you think about then ends up presenting itself in real life, so it’s key to be thinking loving thoughts, and having loving intentions.

And again, that’s where my healing work comes into play…. cause for some it may be as easy as flipping the switch, of “hey, I notice a toxic thought about myself or someone else, I’m going to switch that off” but most others, almost everyone, needs some help with that and that involves working out and clearing and healing core thoughts, beliefs, old thought patterns, etc…

In writing this post, I wonder if it’s time for me to make another video to speak to my people….

Am I going to make one video a week on this?

What’s my intention with this anyway?

Is this even business related?

Yes, money comes up as a thought… how is this leading to money?

Is this what I want to talk about with my career?

I find myself confused frequently when I think about this stuff…. am I just being resistant to where Spirit is leading me?

Stay tuned….