June 12, 2013

I wanted to give you an update on a few things.

First, I got a writing job — actually a copywriting job for some big internet marketing people.  Incredible how this job came around!! Especially since I have struggled with feeling comfortable with copywriting and being too salesy for a long time.  I’m really grateful for this job, first off because I think I’m going to make good money doing it.  I’m a very good writer — so there’s a job doing what I love and what comes easily to me — I’m going to be trained and given templates of how they like to writers to write, so that’s awesome too, because that means I can then use the knowledge of how they do things in my business.  It’s really awesome all around.  Plus I think it’ll be easier for me because it’s one step removed from my business.  It gives me an opportunity to work on my craft, work on sales related stuff that effects my business, but through another company and get paid for it.

Second, I am in the process of getting a tutor or several tutoring jobs.  This is something I also enjoy — working with kids.  Teaching.  I found an internet site and it looks like there are a lot of jobs in my area and I’m going to call the website today to get approved since it’s taken a few days for them to approve my application, I’m ready to start working.

Third, hmm… I think there’s a third job here, I can’t think of it right now.. that happened to me yesterday too.  I was appreciating all the jobs that came into my life….

Oh, yes!  There’s a freelance writing website I found and they pay per article you submit to them.  So hopefully that works out well too — I applied for a writing job for Tom’s of Maine.

So another writing job!

Last night I was laying in my bed being grateful for all the jobs that Spirit brought into my life.  Amazed at how fast they all came.  I was applying for a casting job as well, but never heard back from that guy.  That was weird.

Anyway, it’s all freelance which is nice because it gives me flexibility and variety, which is key for me.  I’ve been wanting that.  Plus I think I’m going to be making good money from all of them now. I’m looking forward to that, since I’ve been holding back for so long.

Plus all of the jobs give me flexibility that I can still work on my own projects, etc.

There was also a bit of a sadness or rather maybe an awareness… I’ve been asking Spirit for more students for a long time and they haven’t been delivered, and here I ask for a part time job doing my gifts/talents and I got three in the works.

I wanted to stay in the gratitude but it did make me a little sad that students weren’t provided….

I guess again that just shows it’s not time for that.

Also, I realize AGAIN that if I had students in my life all this time, and yes, probably even now, and yes, even if it was just one — that I wouldn’t be motivated, hungry, agitated enough to seek out the job in TV or look for other ways to develop myself / my career.  So I’m staying in the gratitude of that.  I have to fix up and add to my TV treatment today and then I’ll submit it for copyright today or tomorrow.

And yes, that still puts me in the “what’s next” phase, sort of waiting for a tv exec to step in… and I don’t feel so comfortable waiting on a person to deliver, although I think I should look at this as waiting for the Universe to line up things for me, cause I know that’s what they are doing.

Related to that, they keep giving me messages to DAYDREAM.  I think it’s so sweet and loving when I get that message…. just a few weeks ago I was getting nonstop messages about learning to RECEIVE.  Always with these messages it gives me someone specific to pray to and that’s been good to because I get to learn about new angels or g-ddesses, etc.

So the daydream thing, that makes me a bit sad too… but I get over it quickly, because I start to wonder again, have I stopped dreaming?  I know that’s one of the effects of my youth / my relationship with my mother.  I also think it’s going to be a huge thing I teach to my students, I can see myself doing exercises about the daydreaming when I’m on stage.  (See, I’m back to daydreaming) 🙂

I know that’s how my angels are helping me bring about my desires… through daydream.  That’s awesome!

And then the last thing I wanted to share here…. I am working on healing my eyesight.  Healing my grinding/more like clenched teeth (which I’ve noticed two nights already) which I think has lead to some of my teeth to be receeding)… so I am working on this…. and my fitness.  Lifting, working out more.  I like those goals.  Body and health focus.  No more emotional healing 🙂  And if it comes, it’s just little cleaning.  So proud of myself for doing the heavy lifting already.  Nice.

PS:  I wrote this on my Facebook yesterday.

Wow, what trippy energy we’re in these days. I woke up feeling like it was Wednesday — and now I just had a thought it was Friday 🙂

The time shifting has been so incredible today.  We’re totally living in multi-dimensions!

Oh!  And that’s what I wanted to share with you… I realize, I think, one of the reasons why I like/hate Facebook… why I’m having such an issue with it is because I’ve noticed that everytime I post (although remember, I didn’t want to sign on or post.. but yet I still go on!!! ugh!!) is that I feel so uncomfortable posting.

I’ve never felt this before.  But now it’s with EVERY POST.  I feel vulnerable.  I feel afraid.  My stomach in knots.  Am I writing something bad?  What are people thinking?

Again it goes back to GIVING MYSELF APPROVAL… this is where it’s been hard for me.  For some reason I feel that everyone is looking at me, judging me on Facebook.  I’m sooo afraid of what they are thinking of me.  Why?

I tell myself not to post things to personal, is that what has changed?  I’m sharing more personal?

Or maybe it’s cause I’m sharing with more attitude?  Hehe, I think this may be it….

Look what I posted yesterday… lol

Just finished swimming my laps. I’m a bit tired today, but I still did it. Why? Because I’m dedicated. Why else? Because I’m focused. Need another reason? Because I’m a champion.

Warriors keep going. They don’t quit. They don’t make up excuses. They act like little babies. Warriors stick to what they desire and they go for it until they get it.

Today it was mind over matter, or in this case – mind over body. And now, boy oh boy, does my body feel good.


Yea… I think that’s the issue…. I think it’s pretty funny…. but the fear is that people aren’t getting it, judging me, etc…. and with that said, I keep posting stuff like this!  It just keeps flowing out of me.  Hey, I’m having fun… but then again there’s knots happening in my stomach!

Since I realized this is what the issue is these days with Facebook I started moderately praying about it.  I’ll try to focus more attention on it today.