May 7 2013

Something dawned on me as I was cleaning my home.  I’m still in the middle of it… and this is it.

Something that struck me about that girls email was that she wrote:

I don’t like the fact that I only get to read one of your posts every other day and besides that only one which is already many month old, when you say yourself that in many instances you don’t even think the way anymore you have been thinking when you did write those posts in the past. Please don’t take it personally, but I think I am old enough to decide for myself when and where and how much new information I can and want to take in. From my perspective, energetically you are asking me to look up to you and make myself smaller than you are and I am not willing to do that. My input is just as valuable as yours is and in your blog you get my up to date stuff and I pay for sharing it while you share only old stuff and make money.



First off, she knew when she signed up that she only got one post every other day.  If she didn’t read what was included, that’s her deal.

There’s many issues I pick up from her, things to be healed, but since I am not working with her personally and I don’t want to spend my time and energy on her, who cares.

I will focus on myself here.

Well, actually her a bit and then how I see it relating to what I’m in a mood about these days.

And that’s this…. the unrealistic expectation to skip steps.

With her, she wanted more blog posts, felt annoyed that I’m deciding for her how many posts she gets (odd again to me, this was outlined when she joined).  But she wanted more.  She wanted my current realizations.  My current mindset, etc.

But that’s not how life works.

That’s not how spiritual growth works.

You don’t go from relating to my stuff… the stuff I put out to attract you to my site, things you relate to and feel the same way… and then go to where I am now.

Yes I have totally changed and that’s because the process I went through – the step by step – that I’m taking you through now.  Of course I don’t think the way I was thinking before, because I’ve grown through it.  I’ve evolved.  Again that’s what I’m helping her through.

So relating this to me, I see that this is what my complaint to the Universe has been.

Where’s my millions??

Where’s all my students?

Where’s all of this and that stuff…

But what Spirit is doing right now is taking me through the steps to get there.

I need to process through this stuff before I can arrive at multi-millions, loads of students, etc.

There is stuff I still need to process through.

So there you go.  There’s no skipping steps.  I will take students through an accelerated path… just like Spirit is taking me through an accelerated path…. but I still have to take the steps to get there.

So if that means looking at my fears and low vibration limiting thoughts and sitting here a bit, trying to work myself out of it, getting frustrated, etc.. well then that’s where I am.

That’s it.

There’s no skipping steps.

The next thing that still remains to annoy me is that I just feel like I’ve been “here” for awhile.  A bit too long.  Longer than usual.  But then again, I have been processing — and have grown a bunch since that last situation with my student.

Okay.. breathe, relax more… all is good.

Now you are seeing more clearly how there’s an ebb and flow.

Again, I just want it all now.

But there is no skipping necessary steps.