February 28, 2013

I was just reminded of a message from Spirit that I got last week sometime, while watching a TV Show.

The show was How I Met Your Mother, which I used to watch all the time, and now not so much – but I still enjoy it.

I randomly decided to watch it last week, cause I none of the other latest episodes of the very few shows I watch were available (I don’t have cable anymore so just watch the stuff online) – so anyway, decided to watch it for 20 minutes to get a laugh.

The episode was about one of the main characters, talking about how she used to love artwork and was good at dealing / selling it, something like that… and she was telling her husband how she didn’t follow her dream, that it was too late for her, and now she was just a kindergarden teacher, and she was feeling upset and depressed.

This was interesting.  I’ve gone through these thoughts over the years.  Feeling like… and wondering if maybe my dreams were just passing me by… maybe they weren’t going to happen… maybe I made wrong choices… maybe they had just passed me by.

Anyway, fast forward through the episode, which this time I thought was just okay, I don’t really like the show like I used to… and you see that she was offered a great job, dealing in artwork, in the most expected way.

As it was ending on this note, my guides said… you see, her dream job came true, just in an unexpected (but better) way.

So be open my dear…. I need to be open and keep the faith.

That helps on a day like today, where I am feeling tired from all the growth and changes, the clearing and healing and a wondering and questioning of when it will happen for me.

I was reminded…. expect the best.  Keep the faith… your dreams will come true, and maybe in an unexpected (but better) way.

Thank you!  I so needed to hear that.  I love you.