June 28, 2013

Last night I felt guided to turn back on my computer and write a post about my twin flame relationship.

It was an interesting thought since I haven’t written on my blog about the topic in ages.

Then this morning, two more posts came through.


It felt good to channel information again.

I found the blogs interesting.

And I did it for me.

I realized this as I was writing them.  Because I had three blog posts in total and my “mind” – my business mind said, you should post each of these 1 week apart.

But my heart and my soul doesn’t care about that.

For me, it’s no longer about trying to get people to my blog.  Nor is it trying to get noticed.  Nor is it to be helpful.  Nor is it to try to get people to work with me.

I’m here if people want help.  And when I post on my blog something like that, I am doing it because it’s coming through me and I want to post it for myself.

It’s helping me.

I really don’t care who else reads it.  It’s up there because I need it up there — and somehow I think this ties into the book I am writing about my ex.

I still wonder if I will come out with a sole book on Twin Flame relationships.

And I realized yesterday that the last time I worked on my book about my marriage it was mercury retrograde and I wonder if this retrograde I will be inclined to start writing it again.

Who knows.

We’ll see what happens and where I feel lead.

I still need to finish the Couples Intimacy Program and that comes first.