February 20, 2014

On February 14th loads of turkeys came to me in a dream.

This was strange to me. Different — since I had never dreamed of turkeys before and they have never been a totem for me before.  (As I’ve shared with you guys before, I work with many totem animals / beings from the elemental kingdom)

So I looked it up and this is what it said:


The Turkey is the symbol of sacrifice.
It give life so others may live.

Many saints and mystics have Turkey as a totem.
With a Turkey totem, you have transcended self.
You act and react on behalf of others.
This act is not a sense of moralism or guilt,
but a deep knowledge that all life is sacred.
What you do for others, you also do for yourself.

To have a Turkey totem is a true gift.
Its gift may be spiritual, material or intellectual.
Through giving to others will you reach your own goals.

The Turkey is linked to the third eye,
the seat of feminine energies within us, and the center for higher vision.

Turkey is also the symbol of the Mother Earth and her abundant harvest.
All of Earth’s blessings and the ability to use them to their greatest advantage
are part of Turkey’s teachings.


This was very touching to me — for that fact that it said I elevated my life – transcended self.  As this is stuff I have been talking about and thinking about during that time — how I was covering the Dunn Trial not necessarily because it’s what I desire, but because I am guided to speak out about it from Spirit.

Then last night, St Francis of Assisi came to me.

This was interesting / different too since I’m not Christian or Catholic and St Francis means nothing to me.  I had to look him up.

Now while I am still figuring out why he came to me — I see right away a connection to the TURKEY who came to me.

The TURKEY is a totem many saints have.

St Francis of Assisi is a saint.

I have deep love for animals — and especially my dog.  I tell him numerous times a day how much I love him and how thankful I am for him to be spending his life with me.  We have definitely spent past lifetimes together.

So the only reason why St Francis of Assisi comes to me now — that I can think of may be this….

SOURCE:  http://tsl.org/2012/10/francis-assisi-ascended-master-kuthumi-october-4/

“We can learn a lot about dependence on God from the life of Saint Francis. Before he dedicated himself to God, Francis lived a carefree and worldly life.  But when he became a true devotee of God, when something began to tug at his soul that changed him, there was no stone too heavy for him. He literally broke his body for God.  Francis gave everything to God and depended on God for everything. And in turn, God gave himself fully to Francis.”

Just the other day I was thinking and talking to Spirit about this — how I’m depending on them for money and everything else (advancement with career) — I think I wrote about this, I’ll have to check back… but I’m pretty sure.

Well, maybe this is to show me how Saint Francis did it too?

Again, I’m not sure where this is going.  I’m curious to see…

Am I acting like a Saint with the work I do?

That’s a big thought for me to take in…. Hmm.  Maybe too big right now for me.  I’ll have to sit with it.


In other news, I told Spirit I wanted to do press interviews to talk about doing your Divine Mission, being political, spiritual and being an Awakened Warrior — and I got a response to an email I sent about doing an interview.

Thank you!

That was super fast.

I ask for more interviews.  Big networks.  This one I got is for Blog Talk Radio.  A safe environment. A spiritual environment — but after this one or concurrently I’d like big media interviews to discuss this. I’m ready. Thank you.