May 24, 2013

I notice I have this push – pull when posting on Facebook.

Well, not all the time — but when I start doing it a lot.

It’s like HOLD UP.  TOO MUCH.  You’re trying to get attention!

But I’m not trying to get attention — I come to the computer to post because I feel excited and I want to share.

But then I hold myself back.

There’s this judgmental voice in my head.

Don’t do that.

Don’t be so needy.

Or trying to draw attention.

Or trying to get attention.

This is old programming too.

It’s what keeps me from totally stepping out and be blazing!

I’m releasing that as I am releasing items in my home.

It’s feeling so good.

No rhyme or reason to what I’m doing – just flowing with the changes.

The more I release the more I feel

And yes, there is a little voice in my head saying… do I have a prosperity issue?  Issue with holding onto items?  Why am I so jazzed, so inclined to release items?  Do I have some problem?  Did I take some poverty vow?




I’m releasing for the new.  I’m following my intuition.  These are old energies.  Not good for me to be around anymore.  No desires for me to be around.  Release, release, release.  It’s good.  Yes, thank you!