May 24, 2013

Watching these thoughts.  Clearing them as they pass by.  Not getting attached to any of them, letting them flow through.  Releasing.

I posted on Facebook that I sold my first item, how great it is to release these items – and that I’m getting ready to move.

Well, of course someone wrote – Where are you moving?

Now this is a friend person.  Friendly.  They are curious.  No big deal.  They wish the best for me too.  No big deal.

But now I’m feeling weird.  That thought – she’s trying to get attention – went racing through my mind.

She’s trying to seem important so people pay attention to her.

She’s not really moving, she’s trying to make things happen.

Trying to get attention.


Who’s words are these?  They make me think of this girl in NYC who was very jealous and loud when my website went up.  She got all sorts of triggered by my fame.  By the attention I was receiving.

Interesting how she would show her “voice” here.  Interesting that that voice popped into my head now.


I’m not ready to announce where I’m going on Facebook right now.  My heart it on LA, but I will be shown by Spirit when it’s time.

All I keep thinking and feeling is CLEAR OUT, PACK UP, SELL ITEMS, RELEASE


So I am.

Better to plan these things now, sooner rather than later.

It also gives me a chance to sell some items rather than chuck them all and donate them.

This is good too.

I’m shooting for LA.  I want it, I desire it.


I’m ready for it.

I want it.

I feel it.

I love it.

I also see how all the releasing, slimming down, getting rid of these old pieces of me through material items — furniture, clothing, etc — also releases a lot of energy.  Of course.  I just want things around me now that are me NOW and me in the FUTURE.

Totally shedding all the old.

Like big time now.

Perfect timing with the full moon and eclipse tonight / tomorrow.  Beautiful moon, oh how I love thee.

I don’t need to try to get attention.  I do get attention.  I’m naturally attractive, charismatic, funny, entertaining, magnetic – magnifying.  That is our true nature.  Dazzling.  Some how along the line I toned it down big time.  Now I’m toning it back up.