March 10, 2013

So again I just had a student session where I noticed I felt rushed on the call with the desire to support this person more, as they were going through things they had to share and a breakthrough at the end of the call, but the call was over.

And this has happened enough times, and now again, that it’s on my mind — again.

I was able to put my “Attract The One” into packages.  That information is easier to share, since it’s teaching lessons.  But when I do healing work with someone, I struggle with putting it into a package or doing it in some set way.  People say to charge for the outcome, not per hour — but whenever you do per outcome, that still translates into a set amount of hours per week — and someone can do the math and figure it out very easily.  You’re not hiding anything — you’re also not fooling anyone.

So for example, my student today, really needed energy healing work.  But I couldn’t offer it because they also needed to talk.  Plus I needed to get out a lesson or actually several for them to go over.  Now I know this rushing is not good for either of us.  They want to express themselves, but I feel pressure to deliver them something tangible, a lesson / several so they have it in front of their eyes.

Because all of my clients are very mental.  They feel relief and happiness and calm when on the call with me, but then start to analyze if it is worth it when it is time for them to renew.  My thought is that if they have these lessons in front of them then they start to value it more.

Who knows?

This is probably me again not valuing all I have to offer, and then assuming they won’t value it — or it being reflected in them.

How would I like to do this?

I like the idea of a monthly retainer.  So for example, this way I could have spent 2 hours on the phone with my student.  They could have shared what they’re struggling with, could have gotten lessons and I could have done distant healing for them.  All three things.  Perfect.

But then I have this concern / this limiting belief / this fear that then people don’t have the budget to continually do what I am offering.

I like working intensely with clients.  I know this is a high end service and it eliminates many people who don’t have the income for that and that again makes me feel bad and that maybe I am missing clients that would have otherwise signed up for me.  And then we go around in circles again, and I don’t want to do that.

My fear again, is you price yourself too high and people don’t sign up.  I’d like to do my Attract the One Retreat, but no one has signed up.  It’s $7,777 and I know that sounds like a lot, but I can’t lower the price, I’m spending 4 full days with someone, teaching them loads of information and walking through examples with them.

Ahh — Ugh, this is all in my head.  I need to work on my thought processes.  Need to raise my vibration and become the person who can charge a retainer and attract more money per month from each client.  I want to be spending more time with them… offering them more… it’s not about sucking out more money, it’s more of offering them more, being more relaxed through the whole session and not always feeling like a rush.

I’m not good at holding back on information — you know, when you offer those lower end services, I don’t like it.  I like people getting more results, more benefit, and I like helping them through it all.

Oh man, G-d / angels/ guides, please help me.

I’ll be silent now, open to hear the guidance.