February 24, 2014

Back to that incident with the spiritual teacher the other day — I just realized something.

When I started this adventure I was at a place my whole life of NOT standing up for when someone hurt me or did something wrong.

When I started this adventure, I started standing up for myself.

That was the transition for me.  It was necessary.

Well, now with this experience with that spiritual teacher it’s time to transmute it again — which I think I did.

Rather than ignoring it and being upset.  Which was what I did when I was young.

And rather than my new behavior which was to say something and stand up for myself.

I simply let it go.

Now this is my first time doing this in this type of situation with this type of person so it hasn’t been super smooth — but overall my intention has been to let it go.

To choose to be happy rather than right / correcting her, etc.

So I realize this is the transition yet again.

Very cool.

Just let it go.

This has been the case for me with many relationship situations.  No interest or maybe just no energy to confront it — who cares.  I just let them do what they want to do.  I don’t care.  I let it go.

The end.